The Pink Lady(TM) apple was first grown a stone’s throw from our orchard almost 50 years ago and continues to be one of the nation’s favourite apples.  A well balanced juice.

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When we are not working in the orchard, we raise a few free range cattle, grow an assortment of veggies for the kitchen table and make sure our bees, the other orchard workers, are happy and healthy in their hives.

Our range of FRUIT JUICES include single variety and blended SPARKLING apple juice to share with the family and friends. 

Our juices are always made from 100% real fruit (never from concentrate) and contain NO PRESERVATIVES, NO SWEETENERS and NO COLOURINGS. 

We produce a range of FARM PRESSED sparkling apple juices from our orchard in the pristine Southern Forests region of Western Australia.

Unlike many products which are made from imported apple concentrate, our apple juice is 100% natural - picked and pressed on the farm.

We aim to bring  the flavour and goodness of heirloom fruit varieties back into your home with our unique range of sparkling apple juice.

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Australian Grown

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In addition to our wholesale fruit orchard, we grow an increasing selection of heritage fruit varieties for our range of sparkling apple juice.  

In days gone by,  fruit was grown for its taste rather than the way it looked, but as our world changes and these varieties disappear from supermarket shelves, the flavour of heritage fruit is at risk of being forgotten.

Although it’s unlikely we'll see old style apples back on the supermarket shelf, our range of NEWLEAF fruit juice offers a way to preserve this history for a new generation to enjoy.  

We are always looking for new places to stock our juice and for interesting fruit varieties to grow.  If you would like more information, please email:

Quince cultivation dates back to the 14th century and is a truly ancient fruit. Quinces have a floral aroma which is intoxicating and distinctive.  A highly aromatic   blended juice.

Golden Delicious was first grown commercially in 1914.  At one time, it was the world's greatest selling apple, but has slowly disappeared from our shelves.   Sweet and Aromatic.

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Newleaf Quince

We live and work on our family farm in the Southern Forests growing region of Western Australia, where we run eight hectares of commercial apple and avocado orchard.

Granny Smith apples date back to 1868 from a chance seedling found in NSW, Australia. A tried and tested Aussie favorite that is both tart and refreshing when juiced.

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